You Should Hire a Photobooth!

hire a photoboothSo, is it really necessary for every event to have a photobooth in them? The trend lately has been that; to have some pictures taken during whatever event, particular weddings, to be taken home as memories. You never really pay much attention to it until it’s time to hold one yourself.

And now, you’re seriously questioning if it’s necessary to hire a photobooth. Allow us to answer that for you!

Something to remember

The guests will have something to remember about your wedding by providing a photobooth. Sure, there are hundreds of other weddings doing this that your guests will be attending later on, but really, we just can’t get enough from those pictures! And who knows, there are people who actually keep those photos in their photo books!

Even you can get something out of it. You hired it, so you can have the privilege of being the first person to get some pictures from the booth.

More pictures for you!

And yes, you can take way more pictures with it because we are pretty sure that all your friends just can’t wait to take some girl’s squad pictures on your special day! Everyone can enjoy the service provided and spend some crazy time in it.

Aside from the pictures that your photographer takes, you will have more from this booth. And if you want to, you can ask the guests to kindly leave some pictures they took on the guestbook for you! It’ll be a sign of appreciation and to remind you that these people came to celebrate the happy day with you.

Amazing pictures

Pictures taken in photobooths are no more disappointing, blurry, or small. If you hire a photobooth from a professional like Event Photography, you can see from the samples that they are not at all low-quality. Those pictures can easily pass by as taken with a decent smartphone camera which we believe you’ll agree.

The pictures are good enough to have a bunch of people cramped up and everyone’s face will still be easily registered in the picture. Not just that, you will get to edit them and give funny filters and stickers to make it fun. Don’t forget to use the props that have been provided to express yourself.

Easily affordable

With the help of a butler, you can easily decide when you want the photobooth to open. As you will be paying per hour of usage, having someone to keep an eye on the photobooth who will open and close it at your request, it will not exceed your budget. Often, it costs only 10% of your total wedding photography budget, which is great considering the fun that everyone will have!

You can see that there are many things you can enjoy as opposed to the amount that you need to pay to hire a photobooth. As long as you make sure to hire it from a reliable provider like SmartPicsUK or other professionals. Hiring one from your professional wedding photographer is also suggested as you don’t have to run another check on reliability and professionalism of the provider.

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