Tips & Tricks for the Wedding Photographer Leicester to Edit Pictures

wedding photographer DerbyshireAs a wedding photographer Leicester part of your job is to edit the pictures that you capture. Your clients will automatically believe that you will be in charge of making sure the pictures are presentable. However, some photographers were never really the ones who edit their pictures all the time! Especially, if you’re one to love the originality of pictures that you capture through the lens.

There are several tips and tricks that we want our readers to remember.

Choosing the right setting

The first thing to remember before you take the pictures is to make sure that they are taken under the right lighting condition. The biggest reason people edit pictures is the lighting that does not contrast the colors enough. Some others use the editing tools to create an atmosphere that wasn’t there. The problem with this is that the result is often unnatural and not the type that professionals do.

Minimize editing

When you edit, always remember that you are aiming to minimize your editing as much as possible. If something looks good enough without edits, then it should not be edited. One thing that every photographer must be reminded when in a dilemma of editing is that enough is enough. When you feel the doubts of making more changes, that’s when part of you is saying that it’s actually looking good already!

Observe others

In general, photographers can practice by learning from the works of other photographers. We know one wedding photographer Leicester who’s best in this. You can check out his works at Some of the best wedding pictures here didn’t go through as much editing as you thought they did!

Looking at these pictures help you realize that it’s not so hard to capture something good yourself. It’s all about proper planning and timing from your side. Your clients will also understand that and will do their best if they understand what you do.

Proper planning

When you plan out your photography day, you need to know the itinerary of the marrying couple. Ask them to send you that itinerary early so you know when and where to go for the day. Some moments, such as the golden hour, only lasts a few moments and you have to be prepared for it. The best you can do is predict what will happen and make the most out of it.

Discuss it with your clients and find out what they love the most in wedding pictures. If you know their preferences, it will be easier to achieve wedding pictures that you know they will love. You don’t have to try so hard with editing the pictures if they already look as good as how the clients expected them to be.

As a wedding photographer Leicester, you need to be a good friend to the couples and this is one of the reasons. You want to capture something they love, but if you are unable to make them express it, you won’t know it ever. And this will be for another time to talk about! For now, you have basically known what matters in editing wedding pictures.

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